How to order a replacement OSHA 10 card online?

  • Post last modified:October 24, 2023

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to easily order a replacement OSHA 10 card online. The purpose of this guide is to assist individuals who have lost or misplaced their OSHA 10 card and need to obtain a replacement. By following our straightforward instructions, you will be able to navigate the online process with confidence and efficiently order your replacement card.


Check Eligibility

To verify if you are eligible for a replacement OSHA 10 card, follow these steps:

If both of these criteria are met, you are eligible for a replacement card.


Gather Information

To collect the necessary information for the replacement request, gather the following details: provide us with your full name, date of birth, mailing address, and the date and location where you originally completed your OSHA 10 training. Ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Follow these instructions to expedite the replacement request process.


Visit the OSHA Website

To visit the OSHA website, go to the official OSHA website and locate the navigation menu. Click on the option for “Training” or “Education” to access the training section. From there, find the page for OSHA 10 card replacement and click on it to proceed.


Fill out the Replacement Form

To complete the online form for a replacement request, visit the OSHA website. Enter your personal details and provide the reason for the replacement. Be sure to include all the required information accurately to ensure a smooth process.


Provide Supporting Documents

To provide the necessary supporting documents, attach a scanned copy or a photo of your original OSHA 10 card or proof of completion of the training program. Make sure the file is in a format that is widely accepted, such as PDF or JPEG. For example, if you completed the OSHA 10 training online, take a screenshot of your completion certificate and save it as a PDF or JPEG file. Then, click on the “Attach File” button in the application form, locate the file on your computer, and select it.


Pay the Replacement Fee

To submit payment for the replacement OSHA 10 card, follow these steps:

  1. Check the current fee for the replacement card on the OSHA website.
  2. Once you have the fee amount, gather the necessary payment method, such as a credit card or check.
  3. Visit the OSHA website’s payment portal and navigate to the replacement card payment section.
  4. Enter the required information, including your personal details and the fee amount.
  5. Review the information you entered for accuracy, and then submit the payment.

By following these instructions, you can easily submit the payment for the replacement OSHA 10 card and obtain your new card promptly.


Review and Submit

Review and Submit: To ensure accurate submission of your replacement request, we recommend thoroughly reviewing all the information you have provided in the form. Check for any errors or omissions, and make necessary corrections. For instance, double-check that you have entered the correct model number, serial number, and contact information. Once you have confirmed the accuracy of your details, simply click on the “Submit” button to proceed with your request.


Confirmation and Delivery

Wait for the confirmation email from OSHA regarding your replacement request. Once received, keep an eye on your mailbox as the new OSHA 10 card will be promptly mailed to the address you provided. Rest assured that the replacement will be delivered within the specified timeframe, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for you.

Simplified Ordering Process

In conclusion, we have outlined the step-by-step process for ordering a replacement OSHA 10 card online. By following these simple instructions, you can easily navigate through the necessary steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. With the convenience of online ordering, obtaining a replacement OSHA 10 card has never been easier. So, don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps and secure your replacement card today.

Essential Supplies

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Personal identification documents
  • OSHA 10 card information
  • Replacement form
  • Supporting documents (e.g., proof of completion, identification)
  • Payment method (credit/debit card, online banking)
  • Review and submit button
  • Confirmation email or notification
  • Delivery address

Expert Advice

  • Start by conducting research on reputable online platforms that offer replacement OSHA 10 cards. Look for websites that are endorsed or recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Read reviews and gather feedback from other users who have ordered replacement cards online. This will help you determine the reliability and efficiency of the online service providers
  • Before placing an order, ensure that you have all the necessary information readily available. This may include your full name, mailing address, date of birth, and the date you originally received your OSHA 10 card
  • Double-check the accuracy of the information you provide during the ordering process. Any mistakes or inaccuracies may cause delays in receiving your replacement card
  • Review the payment options available on the website. Choose a secure and reputable payment method to protect your personal and financial information
  • Take note of the processing time mentioned on the website. Some online platforms offer expedited services for an additional fee, while others may have standard processing times. Plan accordingly based on your needs and timeline
  • Keep track of any confirmation or order numbers provided by the online service provider. This will help you track the progress of your replacement card and provide a reference if any issues arise
  • Be patient while waiting for your replacement OSHA 10 card to arrive. Depending on the online platform and shipping method chosen, it may take several days or weeks for the card to be delivered
  • Once you receive your replacement OSHA 10 card, carefully review it to ensure all the information is correct. Notify the online service provider immediately if any errors or discrepancies are found
  • Safely dispose of your old or damaged OSHA 10 card to prevent any potential misuse or confusion in the future. Shred or destroy it to protect your personal information

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Your OSHA 10 Card Replacement

  • First, go to the official website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at
  • Look for the “Training” section on the website, and navigate to the “OSHA 10-Hour Construction” or “OSHA 10-Hour General Industry” training page, depending on the type of card you need to replace
  • Find the link or button that says “Replace Your OSHA 10 Card” or something similar. Click on it to proceed
  • You will be directed to a form where you need to provide your personal information, such as your full name, address, contact details, and the date and location of your original OSHA 10 training
  • Make sure to double-check all the information you enter before submitting the form. Accuracy is crucial to ensure a smooth replacement process
  • After submitting the form, you may be required to pay a replacement fee, which will vary depending on the state or training provider. Be prepared to provide the necessary payment information
  • Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to obtain your replacement OSHA 10 card
  • Follow the instructions provided in the email to either download and print your replacement card or receive it by mail, depending on the options available
  • If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during the process, don’t hesitate to contact the OSHA office or training provider for assistance. They will be able to provide you with the necessary guidance to complete the replacement successfully
  • Remember, it’s important to keep your OSHA 10 card updated and in good condition, as it serves as proof of your completion of the OSHA 10 training and demonstrates your commitment to workplace safety

Get Your OSHA 10 Card Replacement Hassle-Free

Can I request a replacement card if my original OSHA 10 training was completed a long time ago?

Yes, you can request a replacement card for your OSHA 10 training even if it was completed a long time ago. OSHA allows individuals to request a replacement card if the original one has been lost, damaged, or if any personal information needs to be updated. You can contact your training provider or the OSHA Outreach Training Program to request a replacement card. They will guide you through the necessary steps and requirements for obtaining a new card. Remember to provide any relevant documentation or information to support your request.

How long does it typically take to receive a replacement OSHA 10 card?

Typically, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to receive a replacement OSHA 10 card. However, this may vary depending on the processing time of the issuing authority and any potential delays in mail delivery. Rest assured, we will ensure that your replacement card is promptly processed and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Is it necessary to replace a lost or damaged OSHA 10 card?

Yes, it is necessary to replace a lost or damaged OSHA 10 card. The OSHA 10 card serves as proof that an individual has completed the required 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training course. Without a valid card, individuals may not be allowed on certain job sites or may be at a disadvantage when seeking employment in industries that require OSHA certification. Therefore, it is important to replace a lost or damaged OSHA 10 card to ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain one’s qualifications and opportunities in the workplace.

Is there a process for reporting a lost or stolen OSHA 10 card?

Yes, there is a process for reporting a lost or stolen OSHA 10 card. If you have misplaced or had your OSHA 10 card stolen, it is important to take immediate action. You should contact the training provider or organization from which you obtained the card and inform them about the situation. They will guide you through the necessary steps to report the lost or stolen card and request a replacement. It is crucial to report the loss or theft as soon as possible to prevent any misuse of the card and ensure your training records are up to date. By following the appropriate reporting process, you can obtain a replacement OSHA 10 card and continue demonstrating your safety training credentials confidently.

What should I do if my replacement OSHA 10 card is lost or damaged again?

If your replacement OSHA 10 card is lost or damaged again, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Contact the training provider: Reach out to the organization that provided you with the OSHA 10 training. They should have records of your completion and be able to issue a replacement card.
  2. Provide necessary information: Be prepared to provide your full name, contact information, and any relevant details about your previous training session, such as the date and location.
  3. Pay any applicable fees: Some training providers may charge a fee for issuing a replacement card. Inquire about the cost and ensure that you fulfill any payment requirements.
  4. Request expedited shipping (optional): If you need the replacement card urgently, inquire about expedited shipping options. This may involve an additional fee, but it can help you receive the card quicker.
  5. Keep a copy of the replacement card: Once you receive the replacement OSHA 10 card, make sure to keep a copy in a safe place. Consider taking a picture or scanning it for digital backup as well.